Bahrain Cities

Manama is the capital and largest city of Bahrain. It is a major financial center, and home to a very diverse population. Although, Manama was earlier limited to the Manama Souq and Manama Fort (currently the Ministry of Interior), the city has now grown to include several new suburban developments and older neighboring villages, engulfed by the growth of the city.

Riffa is the second largest city in Bahrain, and broadly divided into West Riffa and East Riffa. These two are the largest in the Southern Governorate. Riffa is one of the popular tourist destinations in Bahrain.

Sitra is a town located on Sitra Island in the Central Governorate of Bahrain, and east of Bahrain Island in Persian Gulf. Manama is located south of Sitra, while its western boundary is covered by Tubli Bay. Sitra is a part of 33 islands that constitute one of the smallest nations in the Arab world.

Muharraq Island is the third largest island among all the islands in Bahrain, following Bahrain Island and Hawar Island. It is named after Muharraq City. Muharraq Island includes several towns and villages including Al Muharraq, Arad, AlDair, Busaiteen, Hidd, Halat Bu Maher, Galali, Halat Nuaim, Halat Seltah and Samaheej.

Madinat Hamad (also known as Hamad Town), is a city in northern Bahrain, and its territory is in the Northern Governorate. The Hamad Town is so named after the current King of Bahrain, His Highness Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifah.

Isa Town is a suburb located in the northern central part of Bahrain. The name Isa of Isa Town is referred to Ísa bin Salman Al Khalifa’, who ruled Bahrain from 1961 to 1999.

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