Entry Requirements


Vaccination against yellow fever is required if arriving within 6 days after leaving or transiting Countries with risk of yellow fever transmission.
Exempt from yellow fever vaccination:
- children under 1 year of age.
- those not leaving the airport in the countries with risk of yellow fever transmission.


Free import by passengers of 18 years and over:

  • 400 cigarettes, 50 cigars and 250g of tobacco, in opened packets.
  • 8 ozs of perfume;
  • 1 litre bottle of alcoholic liquor and 6 cans of beer
  • Gifts up to a maximum of bhd 250.- (approx. Usd 600.-) on items not subject to customs duty.

Arms and ammunition:
Import permit required for arms and ammunition. The transportation of arms, ammunition and all classes of explosives requires prior permission from the ministry of the interior and civil aviation affairs of bahrain.

Additional information:
  • Luggage and gifts must be for personal use and cannot be used for commercial purposes.
  • Frequent travelers and air crew regularly operating on flights into bahrain are not permitted to import goods on a regular basis.
  • The following items are prohibited in bahrain and their import is not permitted:

  • All types of narcotic drugs (heroin, cocaine, hashish, pills having drug effects, etc.)
  • Indian paan and derivatives
  • Used and reconditioned tyres
  • Cultured pearls
  • Advertisement material for all types of cigarettes
  • Radio/remote controlled model aircraft
  • Children's toy guns capable of firing projectiles
  • Goods of israeli origin or bearing israeli trademarks or logos
  • Printed publications, photographs, pictures, books, magazines sculptures and mannequins
  • Which contradict islamic teachings, decency, or which may be considered immoral
  • Seditious or treasonable material.
  • Asbestos or items containing asbestos.
  • Raw ivory, ivory articles and rhinoceros horn, live swine.

Detailed information on these and all prohibited items can be found at www.bahraincustoms.gov.bh, where information can also be found on restricted items that require a permit of no objection cetificate (noc)

Crew members:
- are permitted to import:
  • 400 cigarettes and 50 cigars
  • 8oz. Of perfume
  • 1 litre bottle of alcoholic liquor and 6 cans of beer;
  • Gifts up to a maximum of bhd 250.- (approx. Usd 600.-) on items not subject to customs duty.


Entering and transiting bahrain:
Live animals may only be transported as cargo. However, emotional support animals and service animals (esan/svan) can be carried in the aircraft cabin. All animals require an import permit, obtained prior to travel from veterinary quarantine section in bahrain. The animal must also be accompanied by a health certificate stating clearly that the animal is free from any disease and is fully vaccinated.


import and export : local currency (bahrain dinar - bhd) and foreign currencies no restriction.


According to the decree law no.4 of 2001 regarding the prevention and prohibition of money laundering and terrorist financing and its amending law no. 54 of 2006 article 57, passengers arriving to or departing from bahrain might be requested by the customs or security authorities to disclose the value of any local or foreign currencies, gold or other negotiable instruments that are in their possession.

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