Bahrain Public Holidays

Find out when public holidays in Bahrain are held so you can better plan your Bahrain holiday. Public holidays in Bahrain usually fall on Sundays, creating extended weekends. Many people take short breaks over these periods so you should book ahead for flights and accommodation. Also take extra care on the roads which are busier than usual. Following is a full list of Bahrain national holidays, as well as regional public holidays.

Bahrain, being a Muslim country, Islamic festivals are celebrated, and majority of the public holidays are on Islamic festivals and events. Muslim festivals are celebrated based on local sightings of various phases of the moon, and so the dates cannot be fixed.

During the Ramadan month which precedes Eid al-Fitr, Muslims fast during the day and feast at night. Therfore, normal business patterns are interrupted. Several restaurants are closed during the day, and there may be restrictions on smoking and drinking. Some of the festivals have more than one holiday, during which, the government offices and banks are usually closed.

Fridays are the usual day off. Fridays and Saturdays are typical weekends in Bahrain, but, some private firms may choose to give Thursdays off (half) instead of Saturdays.


Bahrain public holidays

New Year's Day

1 January

National Day

16 December

National Day

17 December

Labour Day

1 May

Prophet's Birthday

1 Day **

Eid Al Fitr (End of Ramadan)

3 Days **

Eid Al Adha (Feast of Sacrifice)

3 Days **

Al Hijra (Islamic New Year)

1 Day **


2 Days **

** Based on Islamic calendar or phases of moon

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