Bahrain for the Youth(ful) traveller

Bahrain for the Youth(ful) traveller

Join the droves of young people who choose Bahrain to fulfil their dream of a holiday, gap year, career break, overseas study or work. Bahrain offers endless opportunities for adventure and a warm, friendly, relaxed lifestyle.

Learn about Bahrain's tourist visas, study visas and other opportunities. Find out where backpackers and travellers stay, hang out and play.

Bahrain is the land of adventure, and we've compiled a few ideas to get you started. Take a camel trek through the Sakhir Desert in the Southern Govornorate, 4WD across South Bahrain's rugged Deserts or do the scuba diving in Abu Thalma. Fishing or find a pearl whilst diving, trek through ancient forts or visit hawar islands to combine adventure with true relaxation. You can dive, drive, bike, race and trekk all around Bahrain.

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Get information on a holiday visas, your eligibility and how to get one.

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Here you will find everything you will need to know about Bahrain's cities, some ideas on how you can travel Bahrain and stories of other travellers to inspire your plans.

Bahrain's Cities

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If you're seeking adventure, nature, food or shop to experience Bahrain all year around you will find everything you need here!

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